Transport within The Hague

Subsidised 4-day / 5-day Travel Card

This year, MUNISH will again be offering "Congreskaarten" that holders can use to take any public transport within The Hague for four days. The card will allow holders to take the trams or buses to and from the MUNISH venue and to any other locations they may wish to see. These will be priced at €15.50 per person for four days and will be available to anyone who takes part in the conference. This means by using these cards, holders could save up to €30 in travelling costs per person. If some schools want the cards for an extra 5th day they will need to pay an extra €3.50 per person for a total of €19 per person for 5 days.

If you choose not to purchase one of these tickets you have two other alternative. You could buy a ticket each time you travel which costs €3.50 and is only valid for 60 minutes, so even if student were to only do 2 trips a day (to and from the conference) this would cost €7 each day. There is also a day card which costs €5 per day for unlimited travel within The Hague. Therefore the travel card that we offer is by far the cheapest alternative. Purchasing these cards, which we have specially negotiated with the travel company HTM are also significantly cheaper to use when compared with the conventional OV-chip cards.

To purchase the subsidised 4-day or 5-day Travel Cards please follow details below.

Ordering 4-day / 5-day Travel Card
4 Days: €15.50 per person
5 Days: €19.00 per person

Only valid within The Hague on trams and buses.

Request cards by latest 25th of September 2017

Request Form: Request Form (Google Forms)

MUNISH 2017 - XXVII Annual Session
The 27th Annual Session of MUNISH will be held at The International School of the Hague, The Netherlands.
MUNISH is a THIMUN affiliated conference.