School Delegation Registration

This page is intended for schools interested in attending MUNISH 2017.

CLOSED: Registration closed. Due date Monday April 3rd 2017.

Step 1 | Register for MUNISH 2017

If your school is interested in attending MUNISH, please send the secretariat an email with your school and MUN Director's name at the address provided below. The secretariat will forward you all necessary details to register your school for this year's conference.

Late Submissions: Submissions past the application deadline date may still be accepted; please contact the secretariat. Note that acceptance is subject to availability of delegations.

Step 2 | Submit registration form as explained in First Mailing

The first mailing will be sent out around March and contains all necessary information about the conference including deadlines and registration procedures. Schools that want to participant in the 2017 conference will be requested to fill in a registration form, 'Form I', which will let you submit your preference for delegations. For the convenience of our participants, MUNISH provides community housing which is only available to student participants, find out more.

First Mailing

Step 3 | Delegation(s) assigned and participant registration provided in Second Mailing

The second mailing comprises of more detailed information about the conference and the allocated delegation(s). Successful student officer, ICC and ICJ applicant names will be published in this mailing. Schools are required to proceed with completing 'Form II' which involves registering individual attendees of the MUNISH conference.

Step 4 | Fees payment and conference preparatory details as provided in Third mailing

The final third mailing is the last mailing containing the latest information about the conference, a reminder on fees and results of community housing applications. Extra services provided by MUNISH will be outlined in this mailing and information to prepare delegates for the conference is provided.

MUNISH 2017 - XXVII Annual Session
The 27th Annual Session of MUNISH will be held at The International School of the Hague, The Netherlands.
MUNISH is a THIMUN affiliated conference.