Board of Directors

Board of Directors MUNISH 2017

Photos by Christel van Meeuwen (The Hague)
Board of Directors 2017Individual and Group photos BOD MUNISH 2017 by Christel van Meeuwen, The Hague

SECRETARIATSecretariatFabianna Flores Sanchez and Victoria Her
We, Fabianna Flores Sanchez (Deputy Secretary General) and Victoria Her (Secretary General) are honoured to be serving as your secretariat for the 27th Annual Model United Nations at the International School of The Hague (MUNISH). We hope to inspire the attending participants with a meaningful conference taking a unique look on the sustainable development goal 16. We hope to engage delegates with passion, and high interest to approach our theme with curiosity. By working in close collaboration with our team in the Board of Directors we hope to bring forth change and a unique opportunity to communicate various perspectives to solve the issues of today. We are excited through this opportunity to create an eventful conference which will be both meaningful and memorable to all delegates. Through interactive conference sessions and debates we hope to contribute in creating a sense of urgency and awareness for the world of tomorrow. We look forward to warmly welcoming you all to MUNISH 2017.
ACADEMIC ADVISORSAcademic AdvisorsKatrien Nivera, Ella Scheltinga and Abe Linskens
We, Katrien Nivera (left), Ella Scheltinga (middle) and Abe Linskens (right), are both honoured and delighted to be serving as Academic Advisors at the 27th Annual Session of MUNISH 2017. Our priority for this year’s conference is to ensure consistent adherence to the conference's theme of "Peace and Justice through Inclusive Societies". We hope to bring you important, debatable and highly relevant issues. During the preparation of this years conferences we will also be selecting an experienced and motivated team of Student Officers who are ready to grow into self-assured and inspirational leaders. As dedicated MUN participants, we feel we can make an enjoyable weekend for all participants and ensure a highly constructive and prestigious conference, and we would like to welcome you to MUNISH 2017.
BUSINESS MANAGERSBusiness ManagersPhilip Müller-Hof and Agniv Chatterjee
We, Philip Müller-Hof and Agniv Chatterjee, are honored and delighted to be initiated as the Business Managers for the 27th annual MUNISH conference. As such, we are responsible for the financial transactions, monetary exchanges and the merchandise involved in MUNISH 2017. We will be overseeing invoices and the budget, communicating with the sponsors for the conference as well as coordinating the merchandise team, where we will purchase and sell MUNISH merchandise for this conference. We both like working with numbers and have strong organizational and communication skills. This will be Agniv’s second and Philip's fourth MUNISH conference. Rich experience with MUN conferences has provided us with plentiful information about what makes a great conference and a memorable event. We hope to bring new merchandise and be a valuable addition to the MUNISH Board of Directors of 2017. With that in mind, we will put our best of efforts to transform this conference in a remarkable and enjoyable event.
CONFERENCE MANAGERSConference ManagersEduardo Lira, Grace Sullivan, Sara Borrelli and Olaf Gaanderse
It is with great privilege that we, Eduardo Lira, Grace Sullivan, Sara Borrelli and Olaf Gaanderse (left to right) have been appointed as the Conference Managers for MUNISH 2017. In order to ensure a smooth running of the conference, we are aware of our responsibilities and the dedication this position requires in order to plan, organise and work collaboratively with the other members of the Board of the Directors. We will also be working closely with the Heads of Administrative staff as well as the Administrative Staff, guiding and monitoring them throughout the conference and guaranteeing a hard working and dedicated team. With our considerable MUN experience, we can certify a high level of fruitful debate and a highly enjoyable conference. We are gratified in our duty to ensure that the 27th annual edition of MUNISH will be memorable for all participants. Welcome to MUNISH 2017.
EXTERNAL AFFAIRSExternal AffairsAmaia Imaz Blanco, Giovanni D’Amico, Rohan Deshamudre and Julia Silveira
We, Amaia Imaz Blanco, Giovanni D’Amico, Rohan Deshamudre and Julia Silveira are honored to announce that we form the External Affairs team for the 27th Annual MUNISH conference. We aim to have a variety of interesting and inspirational speakers to hopefully inspire and motivate delegates to think from a global perspective and engage in fruitful debates. We aim to contribute towards the overall theme of the conference "Peace and Justice through Inclusive Societies" through committing fully to our role and the issues. We are incredibly excited to help create an unforgettable conference that educates and creates a new generation of delegates that will follow in our footsteps.
HOSPITALITY MANAGERSHead of HospitalityAlice Dewulf and Justine Wegner
We, Alice Dewulf and Justine Wegner, are honoured and excited to have been chosen as Heads of Hospitality for MUNISH 2017. Being a part of the Board of Directors we will make sure that the XXVII annual conference is memorable for all participants and guests. As Heads of Hospitality we are responsible to ensure that your stay in the sparkling city of The Hague is as welcoming and delightful as it can possibly be. More specifically, we will be there to meet you at the train station, organising your hotel or housing stay and of course be available anytime during the conference. We will make sure that together with our fellow Board of Director members, the 27th MUNISH conference will be a great success. We are elated to be part of the organising team of the conference and excited to welcome and meet you all at MUNISH 2017.
HEADS OF PRESSHead of PressChiara Zwijgers and Aaron Wang
We, Chiara Zwijgers and Aaron Wang, are honoured to be the Heads of Press in the 2017 MUNISH Board of Directors. As the Heads of the Press team, we are responsible for collaborating with the Press Team and the publication of the annual MUNISH magazine issues. We aim to deliver concise yet informative magazines to inform our audience, and work together with other BOD members to make MUNISH 2017 the best MUN experience for all participants.
IT SPECIALISTIT SpecialistDanila Romanov
My name is Danila Romanov and I am the new IT Specialist for the MUNISH Board of Directors. The supervision of technology will be my main responsibility. I will also, be making sure that the information that is displayed on the website is up to date. In addition, I will be using my tech skills to make sure that the event runs as efficiently as possible. It will be my main focus to limit the amount of delays and problems that occur during the event, and maintaining the high technological standards of the conference. I will be happy meeting you at the event, and be of greatest help, as to make this year's MUN conference flawless and of the greatest quality.
LOGISTICS MANAGERSLogistics ManagerEvie van der Horst and Julia Wójcik
We, Evie van der Horst and Julia Wójcik, are honoured to be appointed the Logistics Coordinators for the 2017 MUNISH Conference. We both have previous MUN conference experience and we will be using the skills and knowledge we have gained to create a successful MUN conference. As the Logistics coordinators we organise the closing and opening ceremony, we will be in charge of the workshops and responsible for choosing a team that will work with us to help run the conference smoothly. We strive to work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to bring forth a prestigious MUN conference. We hope that MUNISH 2017 will be a fruitful conference that everyone can enjoy.
PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGERPublic Relations ManagersChady Omara
It is with great honour that I, Chady Omara, have been elected as the public relations coordinator for MUNISH 2017, it is my great pleasure to have the responsibility of taking on the role of overseeing the social media aspect of MUNISH along with the rest of my team. It is our task to create a truly remarkable experience and find new ways of socialising with one another during the conference to help bring participants together and bring long lasting friendships.
HEAD OF APPROVAL PANELHead of Approval PanelRudy Bhargava
Hey, my name is Rudy Bhargava and it is with great honour that I have been appointed as the role Head of Approval Panel for the MUNISH 2017 conference. It will be my role to control the resolutions that are submitted by Delegates at the conference. I will be looking and checking if the resolutions are up to standard. I hope to be of any help needed and hope MUNISH 2017 to be a remarkable experience and one that everyone can enjoyed by every participant.
MUNISH 2017 - XXVII Annual Session
The 27th Annual Session of MUNISH will be held at The International School of the Hague, The Netherlands.
MUNISH is a THIMUN affiliated conference.