To make sure that MUNISH runs as smoothly as possible, we have outlined several rules and procedures to adhere to throughout the conference. These include procedures both on and off the International School of the Hague campus as some occasions such as Housing and the Party are off campus. We first outline the responsibilities of the participant and MUN Director followed by general rules.

Participant's Responsbility

It is the responsibility of the participants to conduct themselves appropriately, exhibiting traits of leadership, diplomacy, and dignity, throughout the duration of this conference. After all, the participants will not only be representing their delegation, but also their own school as well as MUNISH as a whole. This also includes their behaviour outside the conference, with the host families and within the city of The Hague in general.Students are to produce resolutions or other work that is of their own creation. Plagiarism of any form will not be tolerated. It is important that MUN Directors therefore select students that are dedicated and responsible so they are certain that the students will behave accordingly during the conference but also with their host families or in the city of The Hague.

MUN Director's Responsibility

All participants must be accompanied by at least one adult MUN-Director or chaperone. The MUN-Director is the main representative of the school and responsible for organising the participation of his or her school. They are responsible for making arrangements for travelling, accommodation, organising the delegation but also training the delegation. MUN- Directors or chaperones should be in the conference building and when needed, should supervise their delegation when the conference is in session. Also, outside the conference they will be held responsible for the conduct of their delegates as well as with their host families or in hotels.


The student officers will be taking attendance at various times throughout the day to ensure delegates are present for debate. It is important that you are on time and adhere to all instructions given by your student officer about when breaks end and what time to be present in the mornings. Any late or absent students will be reported to their MUN Director and if there is a reoccurring issue, measures will be taken. If you know you will be late or absent for any particular reason, please inform your student officers.


MUNISH follows a similar dress code to other MUN conferences. All MUN Directors and participants should dress appropriately when the conference is in session. Males should be in suits with jackets and ties, and must remain in the jacket while speaking. Females should be in dresses and skirts of reasonable length or smart pants. Footwear should also match the occasion and shirts should be appropriate and formal. Females are not required to wear a jacket and it is strongly advised not to wear shiny clothes or jewellery. Though colours are accepted, black and white for shirts, skirts, pants and suits are preferred. Furthermore military uniforms, national costumes, facial piercings, tattoos and any form of informal attire are strictly prohibited as they may cause discomfort amongst other delegates or staff during the conference.


Each delegation will receive a placard in the theatre where the opening and closing ceremonies take place along with a General Assembly committee. Please do not deface, damage or lose the placards. If a delegate is found to have written on, defaced or lost a placard, the delegate will thus need to pay for a replacement and will be reported to the appropriate MUN Director. Paper placards should be kept with the delegate throughout the conference and should not be lost. You are not allowed to write on these or colour them in; MUNISH being a sustainable conference will reuse these.


MUNISH is affiliated to The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). It is therefore conducted according to THIMUN by-law and rules of procedure which are also available on the THIMUN website (


Mobile phones should be turned off or set on silent during the duration of debate. In the event a phone goes off in a committee, the student officers will confiscate it. Delegates should respect the delegate that is speaking and should therefore turn off all electronic devices, especially MP3s, iPods and other music devices. Laptops are allowed during lobbying, but should be turned off during debate. If you are found using an electronic device or mobile phone and are asked to switch it off by the student officers or administrative staff, please do so.


It is expected that participants will be polite and respectful towards Hotel staff or any members of their host families as well as fellow participants. Students staying with host families should obey the house rules provided as well as any other curfew(s) set by them. Host families have volunteered to host and might not to do so in the future if they have experienced poor and disrespectful behaviour.


Purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages is only legal for persons ages 18 and above in The Netherlands. There will be no possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus. If a student is found to be under the influence of alcohol during the conference, they will be reported to their MUN director and suitable punishment will follow. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold at the MUNISH party, regardless of whether or not students are over the age of eighteen.


Drugs will not be tolerated on the ISH campus. Any student found in possession or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave the conference immediately and authorities may be notified. There will be no drug or substance use at the MUNISH party and any delegate found using drugs will be asked to leave immediately. Should you notice a delegate using drugs or under its influence, kindly report this immediately.


ISH is a smoke free campus and there is no smoking on campus for any reason. Students are permitted to smoke during breaks in designated areas. Smokers should stand on the left side of the school campus past the gates and the bridge. They may not block the entrance to the campus and must be out of sight of the building. Purchase of tobacco products is only legal for persons ages 18 and above in The Netherlands.


Seeing as there are hundreds of delegates, staff members, MUN Directors and other personnel at MUNISH, security is very important. If at anytime you are asked to show your badge, please do so. The administrative staff will be checking badges as you enter and leave a committee. Delegates are not allowed to wander from committee to committee unless accompanied by a member of staff or a MUN director. As long as we have your full cooperation, the conference and all the security that goes along with it, should run smoothly. Please be advised that a valid identification document (for example Passport, European Identity Card) has to be carried on person at all times in The Netherlands, not doing so is punishable by law.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, please follow the instructions on the intercom system. In the event of a fire emergency please follow the instructions of the fire alarm and file outside the building. In the event of an urgent medical emergency, please dial 112 and send the administrative staff to reception. If a participant is feeling unwell or has suffered injury, contact a member of the administrative team who will provide further assistance. For your health and safety, we advise you to check the validity of your travel/health insurance and save the contact of your country's embassy in The Netherlands.

MUNISH 2017 - XXVII Annual Session
The 27th Annual Session of MUNISH will be held at The International School of the Hague, The Netherlands.
MUNISH is a THIMUN affiliated conference.