Delegate SurveyYour opinions and feedback counts! Soon we will run a short survey to provide positive and negative feedback about the conference so MUNISH 2012 can be even more spectacular.
Conference overviewEver wondered about the facts of MUNISH 2011 such as the people working behind the scenes? How many participants we actually had? Where schools came from? Then we we have the Conference overview of 2011 for that.
Ap Verheggen SpecialFind out about Ap Verheggen's newest project called cool (E)motion which has the challenge of having a ice galcier in the dessert. Being one of our inspiring guest speakers we hope his story has inspired and touched you. Find out more in the video linked.
Closing Ceremony Video
Plenary Resolutions 2011
MUNISH Party Pictures
Opening and Closing Pics
Conference Booklet 2011
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